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Golf is a web application server. It provides a way to build and deploy JavaScript driven webapps without sacrificing accessibility to JavaScript-disabled browsers (search engines, for example). By making dynamic content and behaviors fully accessible, Golf apps are designed from the ground up as clientside applications. As such, they are able to take full advantage of a powerful, rich JavaScript runtime environment. Golf both simplifies and adds power to the process of writing apps for the web. More…

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Getting Started

  1. Install Golf On Your Workstation
  2. Hello, World: Basic Usage And The Golf Dev Environment
  3. A Simple Component
  4. Deploy Your App To A Servlet Container

Common Tasks examples

  1. Referencing Files On The Server
  2. App Entry Points, Deep Linking, And History Support
  3. Handling POST Data And Forms
  4. Communicating With A Backend Web Service
  5. Known Issues/Limitations

Golf Reference

  1. Conventions 1: Directory Structure And Special Files
  2. Conventions 2: Global Variables And Reserved Names
  3. Golf’s Clientside MVC Framework
  4. The Golf jQuery Plugin: The Clientside Environment
  5. The Component Architecture
  6. App And Component Resources
  7. Plugins: Extending jQuery In Golf
  8. Mixins: Extending The Component API
  9. Libraries And Standalone Scripts
  10. JavaScript Preprocessor Hooks


  1. How JavaScript Proxying Works In Golf
  2. How Golf Detects Whether JavaScript Is Enabled
  3. Search Engine Optimization And Golf Apps
  4. Security And Golf Apps
  5. Golf Server Architecture
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